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Horizon's Window Fashions

CPDC Decor
 searches the market and window fashions trade shows in search for quality treatments for our clients.  Horizon's Window Fashions is an industry leader for woven wood, grasses and reed shades as well as roller shades. 

Horizon produces high quality shades fabricated in the U.S. using custom workmanship and innovative lifting systems.  Cordless One Controls is Horizons Window Fashions exclusive patented cordless lift system available on all the Horizons Natural Woven Shades and Shades of Elegance. Check out the video below

Cordless Lifting Option
Click below for video

Natural Woven Shades

Horizon's Natural Woven Shades
 provide practicality and elegance for any window. The Shades are available in 8 styles with over 150 unique patterns.  Shades can be used on arches, slant-top and other specialty windows.  

Horizon offers a variety of extra options to further customize your window treatments, such as premium top treatments, various edge finishes - banding, trimming and beading and more. Recently added is the Twin Shade option shown below.

Hobbled Roman Shade with Banding

Classic Roman Shade with Banding

The Twin Shade

The Twin Shade is a beautiful Natural Woven Shade and a practical Roller Shade all in one unit. Combining the daytime beauty of a natural woven shade with a movable roller shade lining, the result is 24-hour comfort and design. Far superior to simply mounting a roller shade behind a natural shade, Twin Shade is all one unit

In the picture below the roller shade is pulled closed for privacy or temperature control

Roman Shade in the front with a practical Roller Shade in the back that acts as a movable lining. Roller Shade is pulled up to allow light in the room

Horizon's Averte Natural Fold

The Natural Alternative to Vertical Blinds! This versatile treatment can be used on a window like a drapery, on a patio door like a vertical blind or as a room divider. Since it is hand traversed and glides effortlessly on a heavy duty tech track there are no draw cords to tangle or break.
Averte Natural Fold featured on a decorative pole.

Combining Averté Natural Fold and Horizons Roman Shades in the same room gives perfect coordination!

Shades of Elegance

What are Shades of Elegance? Horizons Shades of Elegance are a spectacular collection of roller shades from the same company that brings you the innovative Horizons Natural Woven Shades. The entire line is also offered with the Clutch Controls at no extra charge! They are also available as stylish cassette shades. With over 320 fabric choices many of the fabrics in the collection can be fabricated as Roman Shades!

Clutch Roller Shades and Goblet Pleat Drapery

Cassette Roller Shades and Rod Pocket Drapery
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